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22 Leake Street Ascot WA 6104


The price of liberty is eternal vigilance

The RSLWA has continuously provided camaraderie and assistance to those returned from service for well over one hundred years.

The City of Belmont RSL Sub-Branch was a service set up back in 1916 to support returning World War 1 veterans. We believe in extending support and building mateship between fellow service men and women. Hardship finds us throughout our life, and finding support within communities of similar experience is an important tool on the journey forward.

Whether you served in WWI or WWII, or have joined the Defence Force in more recent times, we are here to support you. Maybe you have or had a family member serving in Navy, Army or Air Force. Or your heritage is built off of a generations of service men and women who have served before you. We are here to support and preserve the memory, honour and records of the Australian Defence force.

Our Vision & Mission

RSLWA vision and our mission can be broken down into the following points

To provide assistance and care for serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force, along with their dependants. Whether sick, suffering from mental illness, of elderly age, homeless or otherwise in need of relief, the RSLWA will be there.


To support and assist current serving personnel of the Australian Defence Force at home, abroad and those transitioning to civilian life.


To assist current and ex-serving personnel and their dependants to secure compensation, benefits and assistance that they are eligible to receive under the order of law.


To contribute to the preservation of the memory, honour and records of those who suffered and died for their country while serving in the Australian Defence Force.

We have strived to develop a rich culture and community within the Western Australian RSL. For a more in depth understanding of our history, head to the RSLWA website!

Our Location

City Of Belmont RSL Sub-Branch

Address: 22 Leake St, Ascot WA 6104

Enquiries: Secretary: 9478 2329
Mobile: 0417 174 637

New Members Welcome

Our Committee

President: Alan Richardson JP OAM
Vice President: Garth Pienaar
Secretary: Yvonne Richardson
Treasurer: Anais Devenish
Membership Officer: Kerry Keys

Committee Members:
Steve Toon
Suzanne Britton
Joann Copeman
Fran Young
Kaye Neillings
Robyn Archer
Joe Bryant
Garth Pienaar

Robert Poole
John Hall

Club Hours

Social Bowls: 5.00pm - 7.30pm
Social Bowls: 9.30am – 11.00am
Open from 4.30pm
Dancing alternate Friday nights
8PM – 11PM
Open until 9pm other Fridays